History, Heritage & Identity: Overcoming the Burden of disease

On Thursday April 22, 2021 the second installment of the “History, Heritage and Identity” Overcoming the Burden of Disease Symposium was staged online on YouTube. Professor Hilary Beckles, the Vice Chancellor of The UWI and Professor Kevin Fenton, Public Health Regional Director for London, Public Health England were the keynote speakers at the Symposium followed by a star panel of health and medical experts and researchers from the UK and the Caribbean Institute for Health Research, who provided scientific perspectives and insights to guide how participants could overcome persistent health challenges.
Sir Hilary Beckles

Vice-Chancellor,  The University of the West Indies

Prof Kevin Fenton
Regional Director, Public Health and NHS, PHE London
Prof Marshall Tulloch-Reid

Professor of Epidemiology and Endocrinology and Director,  CAIHR

Dr Suzanne Soares-Wynter
Lecturer and Clinical Nutritionist, CAIHR
Dr Lincoln Sargeant

Director of Public Health, Torbay

Dr Amanda Brown-Bennett

Counselling Psychologist