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Vital Strategies Healthy Food Policy Fellowship

The Healthy Food Policy Fellowship, funded by @BloombergDotOrg, accepts applications in October of each year. The fellowship is a ground-breaking initiative to combat global obesity by building research expertise to guide national policies.


The LIFE Project

We are enrolling 8000 Jamaicans in a study to understand the role of genetics, social and lifestyle factors in cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Interviews will be done by telephone or Zoom and participants will have the option of completing the questionnaire on line.


History, Heritage & Identity

To build bridges of knowledge and understanding for the embrace of the correct history of Slavery, Colonialism, Struggle and Survival in the West Indies; and for the affirmation of racial and cultural identity among members of the Caribbean Diaspora for their social and economic wellbeing in contemporary UK Society.

About Jeremiah Global

Jeremiah Global is a public advocacy site established to connect with the general public and help persons understand our research and access our research output through impact stories and human interest pieces to enable them to make informed decisions thereby transforming and improving their lives.